Great Lakes Regional Center of Excellence

Great Lakes Regional Center of Excellence

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The Great Lakes Regional Center of Excellence supports different types of laboratory research, reflecting a variety of approaches to fighting disease. Some projects are ambitious, multi-year studies, pooling the best resources in the region through collaboration across institutions and disciplines. Other projects employ an intense focus on a smaller area of research for a shorter period of time, with the hope that the results could quickly impact public health. Other projects aim to enlist the best young scientists into biodefense and emerging infectious disease research.

Research Projects

Research Projects in the Great Lakes RCE are multi-year, multi-disciplinary studies aimed at the development of new vaccines or therapies against diseases caused by agents that can be used as biological weapons. Research Projects provide the backbone of scientific study in the consortium

.GLRCE Research focuses on 3 main areas : MRSA (RP3, 7, 8 and 10), Vaccine Development (RP1,5 and 8) and Therapies (RP 2,3,4,7, 9 and 10)