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    Hi, I’m Samantha, a middle school teacher at Roundview Middle and High School. A group of teachers at the school decided to take healthy living seriously to set an example for the junior high kids. To make sure these students have healthy role models, we started using Nutrisystem about a year and half ago, and the changes are unbelievable! To start, I’ll talk about the school and how Nutrisystem affected us all, then, I’ll move on to the Nutrisystem promo codes.

    Roundview Middle and High School is a small private school with kids from 11 to 18 years of age. I teach Mathematics to students from middle school. Our group of six middle school teachers has been following the Nutrisystem plan for the past eighteen months now. We initially started the program to teach these impressionable middle school students about healthy lifestyles. These kids, aged 11 to 14, are extremely pliable, and we believe that they should be taught from an early age the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

    Introducing Nutrisystem to our lives

    We came to know about Nutrisystem from Nina, our school janitor, who was following the Nutrisystem program for six months and had lost a lot of weight. She said she was jogging a bit in the morning and eating all Nutrisystem meals. We got inspired by her story, and decided to give Nutrisystem a try. Even though not all of us were very excited and serious about the program, we decided to at least try. Nina gave us some Nutrisystem coupons, information about the Nutrisystem meals and the coupon hunting advices to help us get started.

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    On phoning the Nutrisystem office, a very polite woman picked up. She suggested us meal plans according to our age, weight and food habits. She also suggested we keep looking for Nutrisystem discount codes for a cheaper offer. Out of the six of us, two were vegetarians so they were recommended the vegetarian meal plan, three were recommended the basic meal plan, and one of us was recommended the core meal plan. We were free to choose either our recommended meal plans or a “uniquely yours” meal plan in which we could choose our own menus. After getting our meal plans done, in just eight days, our meals for an entire month were delivered right at our doorstep.

    Pairing Nutrisystem meals with a jog

    All six of us live in the same neighborhood, so it was easy for us to meet at the nearby park for a morning jog. We started this because we were told by the Nutrisystem staff that about half an hour of physical activity along with the meal plan will help us get healthier. At first, waking up early for a jog was a struggle, but in about a week and half, all of us were waking up early and motivated to continue.

    In just over two months, we were jogging regularly as a routine. We could feel out fitness level increasing as we started waking up even earlier, and extended our initial thirty minutes jog to forty-five minutes jog and fifteen-minutes yoga at the park itself. The yoga was helping us calm our minds, the jogging was helping us gain our stamina and better out metabolism, and the Nutrisystem meals were helping us do both jogging and yoga with the right amount of healthy scheduled food. Even during our free periods, we spent time searching for new yoga exercises and some Nutrisystem coupon codes.

    Reasonable prices and tasty food

    It was amazing how affordable all the meal plans of Nutrisystem were. Any meal plan we chose, the prices ranged from $9 to $12 per day. Eating outside at fast food and fancy restaurants would cost the same amount of money for one meal, so along with getting fitter and healthier, we were saving some money as well. The website has many Nutrisystem discount coupons that made our food even less expensive by getting a discount of about $2 a day.

    We were paying less, but we weren’t getting less to eat. All of us were getting good proportions of great healthy food. It was surprising how our pizza was so high in protein, high in fiber with zero trans fat. With great variety of food that had no artificial colors, flavors or sweetness, Nutrisystem allowed us to eat every two to three hours. Even hamburgers and chocolate cupcakes from Nutrisystem were low-glycemic, providing us no reasons to worry about stabilizing our blood sugars.

    From the experiences of the six of us, here are some pros and cons of the Nutrisystem program:


    • Meals that don’t leave you hungry
    • Delivery right at the doorstep
    • Reasonably priced meal plans


    Now in just about eighteen months, two of us have lost about sixty pounds, while the four of us have got fitter. It is without doubt that all six of us have better bodies now, and we’re living a great healthy lifestyle. Students look up to us, and we explain them the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, being examples and role models to them. Other middle school teachers and most high school teachers keep complimenting us, and we proudly recommend Nutrisystem to them. We tell them about the program and watch as they look skeptical, just like the way we did back when we heard about the program for the first time. However skeptical they feel about the meal plans, the Nutrisystem coupons have never fail to impress anyone!